Monday, November 22, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

1 3/4 cup Graham Cracker Crumbs
1/3  cup butter melted
1 1/4 cups sugar, divided
3 pksgs (8oz each, cream cheese softened )
2 tsp. vanilla
3 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1 pkg of mini chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  8 or 9 inch springform pan.

Melt 1/3 cup butter in a saucepan, add 1/4 cup sugar and 1 3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs and mix with a fork until completely combined.  Press into the bottom of the springform pan.

Beat Cream cheese, 1 cup sugar and vanilla in a large bowl with electric mixer on high speed until well blended.  Add eggs, 1 at a time, mixing on low speed after each addition just until blended.  Add sour cream and 1 cup mini chocolate chips and pour into crust.

Bake 1 hour 10 minutes or until center is almost set at 350 degrees.
About 50 minutes into baking place the remaining 1 cup of mini choc
chips ontop of cake and continue baking for the last 20 minutes.  Leaving the door slighty ajar leave cheesecake in the oven 1 hour after baking.  Remove from oven and chill in refrigerator 4 hours or overnight before removing side of the springform pan.


  1. thank you!!! I am gonna make this soon it looks delicious!! i love how you include the pics.. :-)

  2. Sounds so delicious! I just printed the recipe and I plan to make it very soon! My sister's birthday is in a couple of weeks. I think I will make it for her. She will love it! :)